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Do you have an HMO (Home of Multiple Occupancy) in England or Wales?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ you need to ensure that the new rules do not affect you.

Current Rules

HMO need a licence if the property fits the following criteria

  • Property is rented to 5 or more people from more than one household
  • Property is at least 3 storeys high
  • Tenants share facilities

New Rules

However, from 01 October 2018, the definition is being changed to remove the need for the property to be 3 storeys high.  This means that any large rental property or house share could potentially be affected.

Room Sizes

Just to make things a little trickier for landlords now caught under the new rules, you also have to comply with new room size legislation.

  • Room less than 4.64 sq. m cannot be used as sleeping accommodation
  • Room for 1 child, aged 10 or younger, must be at least 4.64 sq. m
  • Room for 1 adult must be larger than 6.51 sq. m
  • Room for 2 adults, must be at least 10.22 sq. m

Be careful though, these are not set in stone and the local authority can choose to change them.

Mini houses

HMO Licences

If you fall under the new legislation then you must obtain an HMO licence. This will specify the maximum number of people that can occupy any room and the total number of tenants allowed.

If you need more information on the changes, or have a rental property and are not sure what you need to be doing, please get in touch

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