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Limited Company Accounts & Taxation

Limited Companies are required to file 3 main pieces of paperwork during the year, the Annual Accounts, the Corporation Tax Return, and the Annual Compliance Statement.

As a director of a limited company it is your responsibility that these are all filed accurately on time.  You also need to consider other obligations, such as payroll, auto enrolment and VAT that your company may need to comply with.

Don’t worry, we can help!   We will send you timely reminder of deadlines, help you to ensure the company is compliant and make sure you are always aware of current legislation that may affect the company.


Self Assessment Tax Returns

Are you self-employed?  Do you earn over £100,000?  Do you have overseas income?

There are many reasons (including those above) why you may need to file a UK self-assessment tax return.  Do you know your filing obligations?

We can help you to prepare your self-assessment tax returns and ensure they are filed with the HMRC on time.  We will also explain what you owe and when, as well as advise on anything that you could be doing to reduce your tax liability now and in the future.

Not sure if you need to file?  Why not book a consultation with us today to check?


Expat Taxes

Are you an expat with UK self-assessment tax filing requirements?

Or maybe you are thinking of moving to the UK and want to understand your filing obligations and possible tax liabilities?

If you have any questions about UK taxes, then please do get in touch.  Wendy has been working with expats, just like yourself, for a number of years and being an expat herself, understands just how daunting it can be.   Our consultations come with no obligation to use us for tax services, but hopefully it will help to put your mind at rest.


Business Start Ups

Got a business idea, but don’t know where to start? We can help guide you through the process, set you up with the correct business structure and ensure everything runs smoothly for you.


Business Mentoring

Are you looking at growing your business, changing direction, looking to sell your business or are just feeling stuck in a rut? Give us a call, we can offer one off or ongoing business mentoring to help you get back on track.


Budgets, Cash Flows & Management Reporting

Many small businesses do not have the internal knowledge or expertise to work be able to create budgets and cash flows. However, these are imperative for the smooth running of the business as you expand. Why not hire us to do this for you, we can offer very competitive rates.

We can also help with monthly or quarterly management reports to help track your income and expenditure on a regular basis, to ensure that you remain in control of your business.


Business Plans

Are you looking to raise finance for your business? If so, then a professional looking business plan is vital. We can work with you to ensure you have the best chance of investment / loans.


Part Time Financial Director

Would you benefit from a dedicated finance director on an ad hoc basis but can’t afford a full time wage? Why not engage Wendy’s services as and when you need her to help you with those technical areas. She can ensure you are getting the information you need when you need it, to help you to make business decisions in a timely manner.


If you think we can help with any of your requirements, please do get in touch to speak to us about our bespoke packages.